Thursday, October 27, 2005

October 26, 2005

Protesters in front of the Gallatin County Courthouse were warned for not staying on the sidewalk.

A man was removed from a bar on West Babcock Street for fighting. He began swinging a stick at people in the parking lot.

A woman on West Mendenhall Street told police a man was in her yard asking for a blanket. She asked him to leave and he began mocking her.

A man hit a herd of cows on Churchill Road and thought he killed them. Deputies responded and found that two cows were hit.

A woman on North Shore Drive told deputies someone had been in her house. The only item missing was her toilet brush.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

October 23rd 2005

An officer stopped a man who was wearing a Bozeman Police Department uniform at a costume party. The uniform was authentic and confiscated. The man told police he bought it on the Internet.

A man was cited for disorderly conduct after riding in a shopping cart down 11th Avenue and crashing it.

A man was singing in a parking garage on West Main Street. He liked singing there because of the echoes.

A man wanted an officer to view the cat litter on his bed at a hotel on Wheat Drive.

A deputy stopped a vehicle in a field along Huffine Lane. The driver was the owner of the field.

Monday, October 24, 2005

October 22, 2005

A motorist was arrested for drunken driving on West Main Street. The motorist was cited and released due to the jail cap.

Officers cited a man for urinating on a tree along North Third Avenue.

A group of men on South Third Avenue were warned for riding an unregistered dirt bike up and down the street through a large pile of leaves.

A caller on Thorpe Road reported his neighbor was burning animal parts from his meat processing shop. Deputies were unable to locate the fire.

A man on Starner Driver reported a rifle was stolen from him 8-10 years ago.

A vehicle struck a tree in the boulevard on Landmark Drive.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

October 16, 2005

A transient man known as "Grizzly Bear" was passed out in an apartment on South 11th Avenue. He would not leave the apartment until officers responded and got him a taxi.

A man in Willow Creek told deputies he found nails spread on his driveway. He accused a neighbor of trying to get revenge.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

October 3, 2005

A woman on South Fifth Avenue told police her former boyfriend was harassing her.

A 14-year-old boy ran away from home in a black Suburban. He was found in Wyoming.

A person lost a cell phone in a bar.

An elderly man living in an assisted living facility on Graf Street asked police whether he could leave the city without his daughter's permission. Police advised the man he could go wherever he wanted.

A man wearing a black trench coat flashed a woman driving down South Grand Avenue. He exposed his bare chest.

A man working at a business on East Main Street had a cash box stolen while he went to the bathroom. The box, which contained $400, was behind the counter.

An officer assisted a man delivering a pizza with directions.

A man told deputies the manager of a trailer court on Hidden Valley Drive took his snowmobile after warning him it couldn't be stored on the property. The man wanted his snowmobile back.

A woman on Cooper Road traded her motor home in exchange for work on her home. The contractor didn't complete the work and kept calling her for more money.

Monday, October 03, 2005

October 2, 2005

An intoxicated woman on the 2500 block of Lily Drive told police her boyfriend was trying to steal her dogs. She threw his belongings on the lawn.

A burglar tossed a rock through the window of a business on Boot Hill Court to gain entry and then damaged vending machines in the break room.

People were warned for throwing flying discs in Lindley Park.

A person told police that someone had put laundry detergent in her gas tank.

A man fell off his bicycle and broke his collar bone.