Thursday, September 01, 2005

August 31, 2005

Three females told police three other females swore at them. The three females accused of yelling at the other females denied saying anything.

A father and daughter were fighting at a home on Graf Street. The daughter bit the father. She was cited for assault and released to her mother.

Two males in Elk Grove subdivision attempted to steal a road sign. The men were gone when deputies arrived. They were later contacted and told they would be responsible for any missing signs.

A woman told deputies she was drawn into an Internet scheme involving an individual from Nigeria. The woman ended the communication after the person asked for bank information.

A person reported seeing a male passed out in a vehicle at the I-90 Belgrade interchange. The male was not found.

A woman discovered her name and Social Security number on another person's power bill. The person left town and never paid a $1,100 bill. Deputies have a suspect.