Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

About 10 kids were running between several hotels on Wheat Drive and knocking on doors. A woman was reportedly walking around Olive Street and South Third Avenue and screaming. Police were unable to locate the woman.

A man said something tore the rack off the top of his truck as he went through a car wash. He said the car wash didn’t have anything telling drivers the clearance for vehicles. He wanted to know if anything could be done about that.

A man was arrested for driving under the influence after he drove over the median on Gallatin Road three times and failed field sobriety tests.

Someone said “poachers” were trespassing on private property in Beehive Basin. The caller then said they were not poachers but skiers, one of whom was wearing an orange coat.

At the Cameron Bridge Fishing Access, a person found a plastic bag with checks and other items. The bag had a brick tied to it and was floating in the river.