Saturday, September 10, 2005

September 9, 2005

A bartender downtown told police some males were about to fight. The men were warned.

A man attempted to get into a business on West Main Street that had been opened for the janitors. Someone pulled the door away from the suspect and locked it. The man kicked the door and left.

A male was cited for directing abusive and vulgar language at a convenience store clerk. He was warned and told not to return to the store.

A person received an envelope with white powder in it.

There was a dead cat in the middle of West Kagy Avenue.

An adult male living in a disabled vehicle parked on South Eighth Avenue was told to move in with a friend and fix his vehicle. It is illegal to live in an automobile.

A man told a deputy another person committed perjury.

A person woke up while two people were going through a vehicle parked along Meadowlark Drive. He scared the suspects and attempted to catch them. They got away.

A woman called the Gallatin Field airport tower and threatened to shoot at two helicopters flying over her home.

A deputy stopped a vehicle that had been driving the wrong way down Interstate 90 earlier in the day. The driver said he was tired and trying to find a rest area. The deputy escorted him to a hotel and told him not to drive until the morning.

A woman told deputies a police officer in Colorado called her because her old license plates were found on a stolen vehicle in Denver. The woman threw her plates away last year.