Wednesday, February 08, 2006

February 8th 2006

A man on West Main Street told police his friend whipped him with a stick, causing a small welt on his right hand.

Someone ripped a bumper off a vehicle on West Babcock Street. It was likely a hit-and-run crash.

A store downtown received a counterfeit bill.

Vandals scratched two cars on North Yellowstone Avenue.

A man told his stepson he planned to bomb Bozeman and America with nuclear warheads. The man was intoxicated. Officers spoke with him. He made no threats.

A woman on East Peach Street told police a man grabbed her butt. She wanted to file sexual assault charges.

A chimney fire started on Norris Road. Flames were shooting a foot above the chimney.

A man on Elk Spring Road threatened another man with a knife.

A man was driving carelessly on the frontage and Springhill roads. He was tired and had fallen asleep. He promised to get some rest.